Get on board with DNone, your next dreadnought guitar case.


Manufactured with State of the Art Kydex thermoplastic – known for its rigidity and resilience – the exterior shell is tough yet lightweight. Kydex is colourfast throughout, which makes it virtually impervious to scratches and scuffs.


Manufactured with State of the Art Kydex thermoplastic, known for it’s rigidity and resilience, the exterior shell is tough but lightweight. Kydex is colourfast throughout, so it is virtually impervious to scratches and scuffs.

Let it roll.
Fully integrated Easy Glide system pairs the headstock hand grip with recessed wheels for effortless transportation from zipping through airports to gliding down the street to your next gig.


Recessed for ultimate protection.
DNone sports only three latches on the front contemporary steel latches which are recessed to prevent damage to the integrity of the case during its travels. (Prototype shown with two latches.)


Let it rain.
DNone integrates a unique seal design manufactured directly into the upper shell, keeping the elements out.


Rich Two Tone Interiors.
Fitted interiors secure your dreadnought guitar. The DNone interior fits all standard dreadnought shapes. Two Tone Interiors let you express yourself with four colour combinations.


Open your case the way you want to.
Torqued hinges provide constant resistence throughout the entire range of motion, allowing DNone to be fully opened, fully closed or anywhere in between.


Two-Way Humidification Pockets.
DNone interior integrates pockets to fit optional D’Addario Two-way humidification packs. The system can preserve 45-55% relative humidity level in the case.

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